We began 2019 introducing our new menu, elaborated with the maximum dedication that each dish deserves. The main objective is to stimulate the natural flavor of each ingredient that constitute the dishes.

Farm, ranch and sea join together to define what will be your Terra Nosa experience with simple dishes, prepared uniquely and all the original flavor. After that, the Galician esturaries and beaten coast, the ideal place for the best shellfish, bought daily so that only the freshest arrive on the dining table for unequal quality and service.

Fresh fish is bought each day, directly from the Galician Fishmongers of the highest quality so that its way through the kitchen is but only a step to achieve the best flavor. And just as with our estuaries, Galician livestock are rich in quality. We prepare the best meats, 100% certified of origin so that your meal is bursting with flavor.

And just as everything that has a beginning, we have an ending and how better to complete the experience
than with our homemade desserts

To accompany our desserts, we recommend a selection of the best and most spectacular sweet wines.